Greeting from CEO

Become a company that contributes to the future of the world with future-oriented technologies and services.

The world is undergoing a major transformation.

Evolution and application of blockchain technology, development of AI technology, establishment of electric vehicle / fully automated driving technology, industrial revolution by drone, etc.

Not only will they change our lives conveniently, but they will also change the structure of industry and society.

All of these are technologies centered on the Internet, and the Internet will continue to accelerate the speed of progress while maintaining an inseparable relationship with the evolution of humankind.

However, in these Internet-related technologies, it is a fact that Japan is significantly inferior in development, technology, and application capabilities to overseas countries such as the United States and China.

Now the Internet is about to make another big change.

We will enter the world of WEB 3.0, which is called decentralized, from the world of WEB 2.0 that has realized two-way communication so far.

This will create the potential for new businesses and services that will make our lives more convenient, as well as emerging existing services that are declining.

We, IPFS infinite JAPAN Co., Ltd., before the arrival of this WEB3.0 era,

It was founded with the goal of contributing to laying the foundation for Japan to become an advanced IT country again by creating an environment where distributed server technologies such as blockchain and IPFS can be transmitted, applied, and utilized from Japan.

Sending new technologies that will change the world from Japan.

With this mission in mind, all of our employees will work hard every day.

Thank you.

IPFS infinite JAPAN Co., LTD