Creating a sustainable future with the power of technology.

Based on our abundant data server operation experience in Japan and the latest blockchain knowledge, we will solve the problems facing the world and develop advanced technologies that will lead to a bright future.

Practical application of innovative technologies and fostering a sustainable future.

Blockchain technology, which has begun to be applied in various fields,
It will improve the quality of life of people and contribute to the tremendous progress of humankind.
By researching these technologies and creating an environment that can be provided and put into practical use in Japan.
Our mission is to create a new future and bring innovation to our daily lives.

A project to change the world from Japan.

We will develop new blockchain-related technologies and businesses that can contribute to the future of the world, in addition to IPFS and WEB3.0 technologies which will be the Internet infrastructure of the new era.



Seekers of advanced technologies that contribute to a bright future.

Focusing on the technology of WEB3.0, which will be the future Internet infrastructure, we will actively research and develop advanced technologies that make our lives safer, more convenient, and cleaner.


Research and disseminate new era WEB technology in Japan.

Our mission is to research, develop and introduce blockchain, WEB browser and IT technologies together with Japanese engineers, and to create an environment and infrastructure where new IT technologies are born in Japan.


Japan, an advanced IT country.

We will actively incorporate the world’s advanced technologies, conduct research and development, and contribute to the creation of our future society by using the applied technologies.