The current state of IPFS and our thoughts.

“IPFS,” called a decentralized file system, is attracting attention as a next-generation Internet infrastructure that solves existing Internet problems.

IPFS, which was developed in the United States and is now being researched by engineers all over the world, may change the way we think about the Internet business in the future.

“We want to build a world-class next-generation Internet infrastructure in Japan.”

With that in mind, we are currently operating our own data center “IPFS infinite JAPAN” in a data center in Tokyo, where we have installed a high-spec server machine tuned exclusively for Filecoin mining.

To be one of the world’s top IPFS data center.

The key to building an IPFS data center is an “excellent machine” that does not incur data storage penalties, an uninterrupted “stable and fast network”, a stable “power supply facility”, and  “perfect maintenance service” that can be dealt with immediately in the event of an error or trouble.

These factors are more advantageous in Japan.

Furthermore, we are particular about building in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, which has the highest stability of power and internet infrastructure in the region of Japan, that is, the safety and stability of the IPFS data centers around the world. One of the characteristics of our company is that it operates as a high-level facility that is particular about it.