Data center


IPFS is the next generation of Internet infrastructure.

Developed in the United States and now being researched by engineers around the world, IPFS has the potential to change the way we think about the Internet business.

For the development of future industries in the world.

We took on the challenge of technical research and development to build an IPFS data center in Japan, and realized it in 2020.

Currently, we are operating our own mining pool “IPFS infinite JAPAN”, which has a high-spec server machine tuned exclusively for Filecoin mining installed in a data center in Tokyo.

What was important in building an IPFS data center was an “excellent machine” that did not incur data storage penalties, an uninterrupted “stable and high-speed network”, a stable “power supply facility”, and  “perfect maintenance service” that could be dealt with immediately when errors and troubles happen .

A major feature of “IPFS infinite JAPAN” is that it is a Filecoin mining pool built in a data center in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, which has top-class facilities in Japan that meet these requirements.

This equipment is not only operationally stable, but also has world-class security performance in addition to disaster countermeasures.

We are the only IPFS data center of huge size in Japan.