The potential of IPFS

IPFS is an abbreviation for “Inter Planetary File System”.

It is attracting a great deal of attention as a solution to a certain risk that is increasing year by year in the world, and we are convinced that IPFS will be indispensable as the next generation Internet infrastructure.

So that we are doing business based on research and development on IPFS and related technologies.

Data consumption increases year by year

What is that “risk”?

It’s an increase in digital data.

We are living in a digital society where people all over the world depend on the Internet and are also described as data explosions.

In addition to the increasing number of people using the Internet worldwide, high-speed data communication such as 5G is spreading, and streaming services with a large amount of data such as video are becoming more and more familiar.

As a result, the consumption of digital data in the world is increasing at an accelerating rate.

This is clear from the fact that 90% of the existing data in the world today has been generated in the last two years. Data is now an integral part of our lives and economic activities.

For example, communication with people, searching for research, work, maps, shopping, entertainment such as music and movies are now using the Internet.

Explosive increase in data usage increases risk.

Since the server business that stores the data is currently concentrated on the services of some large companies that represent GAFA, it is exposed to risks due to centralization such as information leakage, advertising pollution, server down, service outage, etc.

You may still have seen large-scale network problems reported on media due to server troubles.

As a limited number of companies handle huge amounts of data, such troubles will continue to increase.

No matter how well your company manages it, the amount of data will increase = the risk of malicious attacks and hacking from the outside will increase.

The one and only IPFS solution to the problem.

“IPFS” developed by Protocol Lab in the United States is an alternative technology to centralized cloud services by major GAFA companies such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

It will be a new era of Web 3.0 infrastructure for building distributed storage.

This IPFS is not a conventional centralized storage, but a big project to build a huge network by utilizing free storage that sleeps on all devices in the world, and the reward given to this network participant is Filecoin.

Various services utilizing IPFS have already been born all over the world, and Filecoin, which can invest in this new era of infrastructure, is also attracting attention among investors.

IPFS is a savior for companies using large amounts of data.

With IPFS technology, encrypted data can be shared and held within the participants’ servers, which is expected to reduce the cost of storing the data. Therefore, this IPFS technology is attractive to large companies that own and manage a large amount of data, and major companies such as Wikipedia and Google have already announced their adoption.

This IPFS is not a desk theory, but the mainnet actually started in October 2020, and now it is ready for everyone.

Related services are also developed and used all over the world every day.

It can be said that Filecoin’s technology and potential are enormous.